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Northeast Florida has a wide variety of outstanding builders who can provide custom homes that match your needs.
Whether it is Building On Your Own Lot, Price Per Square Foot, Upgrades and Features or Eco Friendly Construction homebuyers can build the home of there dreams.
Our Recource Center is designed to bring Builders and Buyers together. By following the links below Buyers can research what builders have to offer and make an educated decision on which builder is the right choice for there needs. Buyers can also see what are the new and unique trends that we are seeing in new construction in our Building Trends section.
For more information regarding new construction in Northeast Florida please contact Prudential Network Realty's Mandarin / St. Johns office at 260-4300.


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ENERGY STAR was Introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 as a voluntary partnership to reduce greenhouse emissions through increased energy efficiency. Homes that earn the ENERGY STAR ae significantly more energy efficient than standard homes. Builders achieve this rating by having Tight Construction, Effective Insulation Systems, Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment, High Performance Windows and Efficient Products. An indepenent home rater will eveluate these areas and give a builder this prestigous distinction. Buyers who purchase an ENERGY STAR rated home will benefit from Financial Savings and improved Health and Comfort.
For more information on ENERGY STAR visit: www.energystar.gov

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