Sammy enjoys and prides himself in his ability to create value for his clients by being alert and aware in all situations. His strong will, persistence and determination works to provide high quality results and avoid unwelcomed surprises. By being attentive and sensitive to the demands and expectations of his clients, he quickly earns their trust and loyalty.

Sammy’s dependability and proactivity coupled with his sincere and familiar demeanor present a high level of professionalism ensuring that his clients are satisfied with the purchase or sale of their home.
Sammy has previous experiences working in leadership roles with the McDonald’s Corporation, responsible for providing leadership, development, scale, coaching and strategic direction to global system initiatives, consultants and franchisees. As a people and results-oriented manager, Sammy is highly team driven, a strategic thinker with excellent implementation skills and is driven to elevate customer satisfaction. These experiences have perfectly paved the way for Sammy to become your Trusted Real Estate Advisor and provide you with top quality results.

Along with Sammy’s career and relocation experiences, he is an avid marathon runner, having participated in eleven marathons throughout the country and the world. Sammy and his wife Emelia have a daughter who earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and her master’s degree at Pennsylvania State University and a son who earned his undergraduate degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and in law school at the University of Cincinnati. Sammy has earned degrees, B.B.A in Operations Management and an M.B.A in Strategic Management from the University of Houston, Texas and fluent in four different dialects.