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Welcome Kelly Obrien and Everbank!

We are so excited to announce that Prudential Network Realty has joined forces with Everbank and Kelly O'Brien will be our in house mortgage expert! It feels like a high school reunion in the office today. Now let's put Kelly to work by sending him referrals!
Kelly O'Brien

Steps of Foreclosure

The basic steps of foreclosure

WASHINGTON Aug. 24, 2011 In recent news, Fannie Mae has publicly assured homeowners going through foreclosure that they will be protected from losing their homes while applying for a federally funded loan modification. Homeowners can apply for a modification at any point before or during the foreclosure process.

If a modification is approved, homeowners can keep their homes if they make their adjusted payments. Absent that, here are the stages of a typical foreclosure:

1) In default: A loan is in default when a mortgage payment is 30 days late.

2) Warning: When a loan is 60 days past due, the bank, credit union or mortgage company warns that foreclosure is the next step.

3) Proceedings begin: After 90 days, the lender refers the loan to its foreclosure department, and hires a local lawyer to begin foreclosure proceedings.

4) Sale advertised: The lender's lawyer advertises the property for sale for four consecutive weeks in a local newspaper. The sheriff's sale date is listed in the advertisement.

5) Sale held: The sale is held on the published date. A sheriff's employee conducts a courthouse auction and the highest bidder wins, usually the bank that owned or serviced the mortgage.

6) Sheriff's deed: The winning bidder gets a sheriff's deed that lists the last date the homeowner can redeem, or take back, the property, usually six months from the date of the sheriff's sale. During this redemption period, the homeowner can live in the property or try to sell it.

7) Redemption period: To redeem a property, the homeowner must pay off the mortgage and all interest and late fees, court and attorney fees, title and appraisal fees, taxes and insurance. Otherwise, they will be evicted from the home.

QR code, I just learned to use the fax machine!

Is this funny looking square really important?
Yes, by using QR codes you are giving smart phone users the ability to quickly go to your web site or any other web site to get the information the desire. If you are not providing the "real time" information that Buyers and Sellers are looking for than some else will. By using the latest in technology you can boost your credibility as an expert in marketing and media networking.  
Are they cost free and easy generate?
Yes, for I phone and Android users there are free apps that allow you to both generate and read QR codes. You can also generate QR codes from web sites such as at no cost.
How can I learn more about using QR codes to enhance my marketing and career?
Contact me today and set up a confidential appointment! Simply read the QR code above and visit my web site, e mail me at or call me at 333-6380. Keep you career on the Leading Edge!

Connect Your Clients with an efficient Short Sale Facilitator!


As a Real Estate Professional representing the seller who is in a short sale situation, it is important to remember that you have been hired to specifically Market and Sell your clients home. Most agents are not trained in facilitating the paperwork between a lender and a homeowner and in most cases is certainly not a good use of an agents time and efforts. It is important for an agent or brokerage to partner with an efficient sort sale coordinator. At Prudential Network Realty we thouroghly researched our options and beleive that we have made an excellent choice in connecting with Short Trac, the short sale coordination program. They are focused primarily on the needs of the home owner and requirements of the lender. They have established a numerous relationships with lenders and are allowed direct access into presenting the information and contracts to the lender. By making the proper connections a true Real Estate Professional can put themselve in a position to effectively Market and Sell their clients home. 

Prudential Foundation gives $10,000 grant to Jacksonville Schools


The Prudential Foundation underscores its commitment to arts education with a $10,000 grant for Jacksonville schools

When it comes to education, it's not all about the three Rsreading, writing and arithmetic. It's also about the arts. That's why The Prudential Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Fla., to continue its The Prudential Art Makes a Difference Program.

The program will help local school teachers bring the arts into their classrooms and provide cultural opportunities for students. The Foundation's funding will enable the Cultural Council to:


  • Award five $500 grants to Duval County public school teachers through its Arts Education Enrichment Grant Program. The grants encourage teachers of any subject to develop creative arts and cultural projects. Teachers can use the funds for field trips, in-school assemblies, school festivals, materials, supplies and equipment, and visiting artists fees.
  • Provide program management for the Kennedy Center Summer Institute's week-long professional development conference for public school teachers in Duval County. The conference focuses on ways they can give students more artistic experiences and addresses the different ways students learn.
  • Offer arts education to students at branch libraries and schools in partnership with two local art organizations, Theater Jacksonville and TheaterWorks.

We see arts as an important educational tool," says Gabriella Morris, president of The Prudential Foundation. "Our grant to the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville underscores our commitment to ensuring that every child has access to the arts and quality education. Prudential has maintained a major presence in Florida since 1953, and Jacksonville is one of the cities across the country where The Prudential Foundation focuses its efforts.

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